LAING Alexander (1828 – 1905)

WINE MERCHANT AND PATRON OF THE ARTS Situated in the Consecrated/West Section of Jesmond Old Cemetery. In 1900 Newcastle Corporation, aware that Newcastle lacked the sort of art gallery possessed by other important town and cities, earmarked a site next to the Free Library in New Bridge Street and began to seek subscriptions. When only […]

MURTON Henry (1818 – 1875)

FOUNDER OF MURTON’S STORE. In 1848, Henry Murton founded an agency for the sale of industrial rubber products next door to the premises of George Angus in Grey Street. His son, Henry Angus Murton continued the business and took over the Angus premises in 1868. In 1902, Henry Angus moved to a Grainger Street site […]

PUMPHREY Thomas (1833 – 1911)

COFFEE DEALER AND TEETOTALLER Situated in the Unconsecrated/East Section of Jesmond Old Cemetery. Thomas Pumphrey, a Quaker and strict teetotaller, was so appalled at the amount of heavy drinking taking place near his grocer’s shop in the Cloth Market area of Newcastle that in 1887 he recognised a business opportunity and converted the first floor […]

ROBSON Robert (1812 – 1878)

FURNITURE MANUFACTURER Situated in the Unconsecrated/East Section of Jesmond Old Cemetery. For about a century, Robson’s furniture and furnishings store stood on Northumberland Street, at its corner with Saville Row, gradually expanding in size as its quality products grew in reputation. Robert Robson, upholsterer and cabinet maker, established the business in 1835 in a small […]

USHER Lancelot (1802 – 1845)

PAINTER AND JAPANNER Situated in the Unconsecrated/East Section of Jesmond Old Cemetery Lancelot Usher was born on the 18th July 1802 in Newcastle, one of seven children of to Robert Usher and Sarah nee Bainbridge. Lancelot was baptized on the 21st November 1802 in the Postern Chapel, Postern Street, which was a Nonconformist Chapel. The […]