The War Memorials Trust has contacted the Friends of Jesmond Old Cemetery as it believes that we will have a wider interest in heritage and memorials which, of course, we do. The War Memorials Trust definition of a war memorial is "any physical object created, erected or installed to commemorate those involved in or affected by a conflict or war. Memorials to civilians and animals should be included." The Trust has asked us to raise awareness of any war memorials in Jesmond Old Cemetery and also to contact them if we are concerned about the condition of these memorials. As such, we are only too pleased to oblige and, obviously, we are very honoured to be involved with such a fine organisation. As part of our contribution, we intend to produce a pictorial library of all the war memorials in Jesmond Old Cemetery.

The War Memorials Trust can be contacted via their website www.warmemorials.org

Jobling W. Lincolnshire Regiment

Wadsworth F.T.B. Royal Engineers

Wilson C.B. Northumberland Fusiliers

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