Our work with Jesmond Old Cemetery truly is a labour of love, however, it is always nice to receive feedback and your comments are more than welcome.

Below are some examples of what other individuals, groups, and businesses have had to say about Friends Of Jesmond Old Cemetery and our work;

"I was so pleased to get your encouraging reply....thank you for being so helpful"
(Virginia McKenna/Travers)

"Thank you for your absolutely stunningly prompt response. Your offers of clean ups are so kind and much appreciated"
(Heather Brain, Australia) 

"Thank you for the photos; you and all your helpers are doing a great job at the Cemetery. Keep up the good work"
(Jean Hopewell)

"I have been very touched by all the help and assistance I have been shown. People whose ancestors are buried there must be very grateful for all your wonderful work"
(June Martin, Australia)

"Thanks to you and your colleagues for tidying round the site. Without your assistance, it would have been almost impossible for us to view the monument"
(Andrew Tredinnick, descendant of John & Benjamin Green)  

"Very many thanks for a quick reply. I would be very grateful for your help. A very kind offer"
(Betty Anderson, Dover) 

"Special thanks to you and your colleagues for your valuable time and hard work to clear the grave, my family were very interested to see the photos.
You're to be commended for doing something of such value."

(Paul Fitton)

"Through their work, the Friends are helping us to look after an area of sustained interest and we welcome their support."
(Newcastle City Council)

"You are doing some tremendous work within Jesmond Old Cemetery. This excellent website keeps us up to date. From what I read I see that the task you are all tackling is a challenging one which I am in no doubt requires very hard work and is not to be taken lightly."
 (Terry Patrick and Family)

"This is a beautiful cemetery and an important part of the city's history and heritage. It's great work you are all doing to get it back into shape.
Terrific website too. Keep it up!
(John North)

"Thank you very much for your response and offer of help - it is greatly appreciated"
(David Scull)

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