On yet another lovely day weather wise, Friends of Jesmond Old Cemetery were joined in their quest to improve the Cemetery by staff from the Royal Mail. As you might expect, given where they work, our new 'Friends' were keen to start early, which meant an even earlier start for us as we were keen to ensure a warm welcome and have the tea and coffee ready for their arrival. Jesmond Old Cemetery certainly looks different at 07:30 in the morning!! Anyway, once the refreshments had been served, and introductions made, the Royal Mail set about their given challenge of helping us to complete the clearing up of the 'eastern' central mound. The enthusiasm and energy on display was a joy to behold from my position as an 'official observer'; so much so, in fact, that after a while I joined in myself, even though I am on holiday!! Obviously, we didn't expect our helpers to work non-stop all day, so there was plenty of liquid refreshments on offer and they did take themselves off for a well deserved lunch at a local Italian restaurant. 

The contribution to our cause was immense, as the images below will testify, and it goes without saying that we are enormously grateful for their help. From our perspective, the staff from Royal Mail approached the whole day with a positive attitude and, judgeing by the amount of good humoured banter on display, they obviously enjoyed themselves. Hopefully, they will have all enjoyed a Radox bath when they got home and aren't feeling too sore from their efforts.  


The 'before' view.

The 'after' view.

Our new 'Friends' get stuck in. 

More 'getting stuck in'.

And again!!!

Another view of the cleared 'eastern' mound, now to be renamed 'Royal Mail' mound!! 

The Royal Mail are ecstatic at completing their challenge!! Well done, gang. Friends of Jesmond Old Cemetery salute you.

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