(1862 - 1928) 


Mountain was a northern industrialist at the turn of the century, inheriting a wire manufacturing business before spending 24 years with Ernest Scott and Mountain, electrical and general engineers that were bought by C.A. Parsons in 1913. The company made pumps, dynamos and a range of high speed engines for railways, ships and industrial buildings, and also became the first company to provide electric colliery pumping in this country. In 1908, Lord Armstrong visited his company on its 4 acre site on East Street, off Coulthard's Lane in Gateshead.

Mountain was appointed as an expert on Electricity Regulations in mines in 1910, became a member of the Literary and Philosophical Society and, in 1925, was appointed Vice-President of the North East Institute of Mining and Mechanical Engineers. 

He lived in a variety of houses, including 9, St George's Terrace, Jesmond, South Street in Hexham, 'The Hermitage' in Gateshead and Sydenham Terrace, Jesmond - the latter three addresses no longer exist, unfortunately, pulled down in the name of progress!!

Mountain's wife, Grace, was one of six siblings, one of whom, Arthur, was the father of J.R.R. Tolkein, the famous author of Lord of the Rings. Tolkein visited his Aunt Grace in Newcastle on a regular basis and, as well as coming to know about the mining and engineering industry of England for his 'Mines of Moria' and 'Isengard', the character of his Uncle Wiliam resonates with some aspects of the character of the brilliant, power-hungry but defeated Saruman (source: www.lotrandthescottishborder.net).

 The newly tidied up monument.

A close up view of 'Grace', the Aunt of J.R.R. Tolkein.

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