As part of the Friends of Jesmond Old Cemetery's strategy for spreading the word about our work, we are now members of the fantastic Jesmond Community Forum; incorporated within the overall umbrella of this organisation is the annual Jesmond Festival and we were keen to contribute its ongoing success. As such, we attended the opening day parade and fair, sporting our exclusive, limited edition t-shirts, and spoke to lots of lovely people about what we are doing within Jesmond Old Cemetery and, hopefully, managed to persuade everyone that you don't have to be mad or morbid to want to help!!

Monica, Anna and Malcolm show off the new t-shirts.

Our jazzy display boards, giving a flavour of our success to date.

As well as attending the opening day parade and fair, we also arranged a 'bramble clearing' event and two guided tours of Jesmond Old Cemetery. Our success can be measured by the fact that we recruited two new 'Friends', had over 250 additional 'hits' on our website and attracted additional interest from a number of other community groups who want us to deliver talks on our work to their members. Champion!!

Ray looking very pleased with himself, despite the sun in his eyes!!

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