Friends Of Jesmond Old CemeteryFriends Of Jesmond Old Cemetery is a voluntary organisation set up to bring the Newcastle cemetery back to its former glory.
The group is spearheaded by Ray Hayes, Senior Lecturer at Northumbria University, and with the support of Newcastle City Council, hope to grow to attract more Friends to help with this worth-while project.
Jesmond Old Cemetery, situated on Jesmond Road, is the resting place of some of Newcastle's most famous sons and daughters, including retailers such as John James Fenwick and the Bainbridge family, architects such as John Dobson,  and many more.
The Friends Groupís main objectives are to clear Jesmond Old Cemetery of litter, to make the graves and monuments more accessible, and to showcase our great region's forefathers, giving them the respect and dignity that the men and women who made Newcastle what it is today deserve.
Having begun the clear up and refurbishment work in May 2008, a number of important graves, monuments and their surroundings have been transformed from an overgrown and ivy-covered mess to something more in keeping with their auspicious and grand former selves.
Over the coming weeks and months more meetings will be held and the Friends group is always looking for more volunteers to help out in any capacity.
Jesmond Old Cemetery, and thus the Friends group, should appeal to many individuals as it is not only steeped in history, but is also a haven for wildlife, a recognised conservation area, a photographers dream, and a stroll through the grounds can be a very pleasant way to spend an afternoon, whatever the season or weather.
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